Wow. So on a typical episode, we will get a good back story and a small amount of plot movement. This episode had zero back story (off-Island back story, a first for the show I think) and a whole bunch of plot movement. The following are random notes in no particular order.

Eco (and others) are still working on the camp. In one scene I thought I saw defensive works being built. They haven't shown much about it - but it has been an obvious thing going on in the background the last few episodes.

The medical facility had numerous clues. Why would it need an escape hatch? Why was it trashed? It wasn't just abandoned, it looked like it was emptied out quickly and in a violent way. Well, maybe. It was definitely emptied in a hurry.

The Others - I used to think they weren't Dharma. Now I think it is obvious they are. Did you notice the Other's clothing in the lockers?

The infection was mentioned again. This was something Ethan used as an excuse to try to steal Claire's baby. I'm not sure - but it almost seemed like he believed it.

We also saw Ethan's boss, or coworker. My wife noticed he was the same guy as the leader of the Other's. I wasn't sure about that. What do you guys think? Also, Ethan's coworker mentioned a bigger boss - someone who obviously they didn't want to upset. Could this be Hanso?

I don't quite get the Eco "cutting the beard" thing. I do know Eco would scare the crap out of me.