So, nothing much to report today. We had the Community College meeting which revealed some interesting details (more on that later). During the meeting we got a chance to grill folks from various product teams. I was with the CF group (of course) and we had a very interesting discussion. There is a three hour session tomorrow on ColdFusion that I encourage folks to attend.

After that meeting I went to the Welcome Reception and then to the User Group Manager/Team Macromedia reception. Since it's two hours later my time and I've been up since 4AM, I returned to my hotel so I could wrap up the code for my presentation.

So - the big news is the release of Macromedia Labs. I thought this was supposed to be a secret till tomorrow, but apparently it was released today. This is pretty darn neat and serves as an example for other companies to follow.

Along with the release of the Labs, you can now download and play with Flex 2.0. If you ignored Flex before because of it's cost, take a second look. The new Flex Builder 2 is quite nice.