Did you know ColdFusion Builder 3 was updated? There was a tweet and blog post about it: Remote server settings lost after restart, now fixed in ColdFusion Builder 3. Unfortunately, the normal way of doing updates, the method that was actually used already for CFB3, was not applied here. You can't use the "Check for Updates" method to get this update. Instead, you must download the installer and reinstall CFB3 from scratch. Now - I'm happy that the installer was updated - that's something I've wanted to see for CF server for some time. (Even with the new updater, it would be nice if the bits you get were 100% updated.) But I don't understand why the usual mechanism for Eclipse-based projects wasn't used. I'm trying to find out if this will happen in the future for folks who may not want to do a complete update.

In case you need reminding, the link to download CFB is http://www.adobe.com/go/trycoldfusionbuilder/.

Quick show of hands - of my readers using CFB3 - how many of you knew about the update?