1. I picked up Mortal Kombat: Deception this weekend. I haven't played MK in years, and this is quite fun, if a bit hard. The fighting styles though are amazing. Not that I would know real martial arts from fake, but they look real.

  2. Are you watching Lost yet? This weeks episode was amazing, one of the best shows I've seen on tv yet. Although the site kinda sucks. First, there is an advertisement on the right hand side, covering up content. There is no "close" button or any other way to make the ad go away. The site also uses a nice Flash banner on top... it really is nice... but it uses sound. I just love it when I'm listening to music, nice and loud, and some web site decides to barge in. For goodness sake, when are we going to have a mute button for web browsers. It should be simple.

  3. Debates. Is it just me - or did anyone gets sick and tired of the candidates (BOTH of them, please don't get too upset party zealots) for wasting time thanking the debate organizers. They should have let the candidates say a quick word or two before the questions started. Ok, I'm being anal.