The title says it all, but last night marked the official releases of ColdFusion Builder 2, Flash Builder 4.5, and Creative Suite 5.5. I've blogged quite extensively about ColdFusion Builder 2 and I'm very excited to see the final release. I'll be talking about it at cfObjective (both in the keynote and in my session), and it looks like I'll be covering for Josh Adams on the ColdFusion Meetup tomorrow. (Need to nail down the details with Charlie.)

Flash Builder 4.5 is something I've not really talked about since MAX. I've been primarily focusing my free time on jQuery Mobile. Now that FB4.5 is out, I plan on spending more time looking at it along with Flex 4.5 as well. I found Flex 4.5's mobile support to be pretty cool back a few months ago and from what I know it's come a long while since then.

In terms of CS 5.5, I'm sure there are quite a few cool things in it, but my primary interest is taking a look at Dreamweaver. I'd like to see how well their jQuery Mobile support works as well. ColdFusion Builder's HTML support is good enough, but is lacking in terms of HTML5. I'd like to see if Dreamweaver can handle that better. If so, it may become a more active role in my day to day development, especially in terms of any jQuery work I do. ColdFusion Builder has jQuery support built in, but is locked down to a quite old version of it due to it's connection to Aptana 1, not 2.

If there is anything in particular people are interested in seeing, just ask!