imageUtils gets some Tiff love

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Everyone's favorite image utility CFC (imageUtils) got some really nice Tiff support thanks to Daniel Budde II. New functions include:

  • isMultiTiff - Returns true if the Tiff image has multiple pages
  • isTiff - Returns true if the image is a Tiff. I found it a bit odd that none of the CF8 image functions seem to tell you kind of image you have (unless I'm missing the obvious)
  • tiffPageCount - Returns the number of pages in the Tiff
  • tiffSplit - lets you get pages from a multipage Tiff
  • tiffToPDF - this is a cool one - as you can guess, it turns a Tiff file into a PDF. Works awesome with multi-page Tiffs.

Thanks again to Daniel Budde II!

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