Sorry for the delay on this folks, but here is the URL for my Application.cfc presentation. I was delayed as I was waiting to see if this was the official URL. There is a chance this URL may change though.

For the files, please use the download link below.

I am tentatively scheduling a meeting for the end of this month, the last Wednesday. I can cover one of two topics. Please let me know what you think - and whatever I don't cover in September will be covered later.

  1. How to add security to a web site. This is a class for beginners and covers the basic, "How in the heck do I start" type situation. It will cover creating a username/password table and how to add a simple logon form. I will talk about basic authentication and if we have time, authorization for more advanced security needs.

  2. Custom Tags: What are they, and are they planning to attack! You get the idea.

Lastly - someone give me a good name for this group.

Download attached file.