Telemarketers - How do I hate thee... let me count the ways...

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Saw this post on Slashdot today, "Telemarketers sue over do-not-call list". Somehow I can't make myself feel sorry for these people. They whine and moan that two million jobs will be lost.

So... let me get this straight. Two million people whose job it is to ruin your dinner - interrupt you at work - bother you, let's face it, with BS offers - may not be able to do so anymore and may have to - lord forbid - get jobs that do not involve torturing the public?

The thing that gets me is that - this isn't a law banning telemarketing - it's just a law allowing people to ask that they do not be called. But the telemarketers still want to call them? I would love to have someone tell me this with a straight face. "Yes sir, even though you signed the do not call list, we felt our offer was too wonderful to pass you by!" Yea, right.

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