Update to my Apollo regex checker

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I love you guys so much that I spent my lunch not just watching the Young and the Restless, but also improving my ugly little Apollo Regex Checker. (Ok, so I did watch Y and R while I coded.)

This new version now uses HTML mark up to show your matches, and lets you toggle between one match and multiple matches.

I have to say I really went down the wrong path trying to get my regex working right. Turns out there was a much simpler way to mark up the matches. This is my new AS code:

private function testRegex():void { var regexStr:String = regex.text; var bodyStr:String = body.text; var options:String = "";
if(regexStr == '' || bodyStr == '') {
	mx.controls.Alert.show("Please enter a regex and a body.");

if(global.selected) options = "g";
var regexOb:RegExp = new RegExp(regexStr,options);

//any matches?
if(!regexOb.test(bodyStr)) return;

body.htmlText = bodyStr.replace(regexOb,"<b>$&</b>");


Next will be a version that lets you test replacements as well.

By the way - Apollo notices if you run the same AIR twice. It asks you if you want to replace the old version. Sweet.

Download attached file.

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