Yesterday at my Scotch on the Rocks presentation I talked about two new CFBuilder Extensions I had created.

The first is not something I think most end users would want, but developers may find useful. The Mirror extension simply echos back the XML data CFBuilder sends to your handler. It works with all parts of the IDE, and allows you to test simple user input as well. If you are like me and have the memory of a goldfish, this is a great way to quickly see what type of data your extension will need to work with. Here is a quick screen shot:

You can download this extension via the download link below. The second extension I think might have greater appeal. The Zip/Email Extension does... well just that. Zipping and Emailing. If you ever needed to share code with someone quickly, this gives you right click support to do that. You can right click on a folder, a file, or select text in the editor itself, and the code will be sent to a zip file and then optionally emailed to a user. You can download that extension at the RIAForge URL linked above.

Download attached file.