Just as an FYI, note that you can download ColdFusion documentation here: Downloads. The main download is a rar file of the most recent updates. At the time of this blog post the archive was created April 30, 2014. The ColdFusion team will update this archive from time to time so that edits to the wiki are reflected.

Also on this page are downloads for ColdFusion 10, ColdFusion Builder 2, and ColdFusion 9. What may not be obvious is that if you follow the link for the ColdFusion 9 docs you will also find PDF links for ColdFusion 8 to 10. I've kept a copy of the PDF docs on my system for years now so I have access to the docs offline. I also found it easier to search them than the online docs. (Although the search on the wiki now is pretty tight.)

Finally, you may remember I reviewed Dash for OS X a few weeks ago. Don't forget that it supports ColdFusion documentation as well.