The keynote was rather funny today, as it is every year. Tim Buntel is hilarious, and a pretty good guy as well. (I used to work for him when I was at Macromedia.)

My company, Mindsye, won one of the MAX Awards. This was for Footjoy, a site I had nothing to do with, but I'm certainly very proud!

I had my little Geeks of a Feather meeting last night and got some decent turnout. I have to say that I really like just talking with other developers. I wish every conference would have a set of sessions that were not simply classes, but group discussions. I don't mean panels really, just a group of people talking about one particular topic with someone acting as a facilitator.

I had my second session today (Coding for Reuse). I'm noticing kind of a disturbing trend. I think maybe the session description is not 100% accurate as I'm getting a lot of people who already know about UDFs, custom tags, CFCs, etc, so I'm really worried thay are not getting the best experience with my session. At the same time, I tend to be extremely critical of my presentations, so who knows. I guess if I don't get asked to speak again next year I'll know. ;) I'm still toying with the idea of hosting a ColdFusion conference down in the south. Years ago a CF_SOUTH was held that was a lot of fun, and of course, easy to get to.