Just a few quick notes about some updates. I'm about to go change for a night out with my wife and her friends to celebrate a birthday so I figured a quick note on low blood sugar was probably in order.

  1. Soundings 3.0 was "officially" released today. It had been done for a few days now, but I quickly updated the SQL Server script, made a zip, and pushed it out to make it final.

  2. CFLib has an 'advanced search' option now. Basically it lets you filter by authors and CF versions. It is only available after a simple search, which seems kind of wrong, but I figured I'd let you guys tell me what makes sense. I can add more filters too if folks want them.

  3. BlogCFC had a minor fix to correct some issues with cfformprotect integration, which works so well I will probably add it here.

  4. Lighthouse Pro - this has some nice user submitted fixes, including a good one for sites with numerous projects.

I've also got an update to my GoogleCal code, but I don't think it's quite ready yet for public release. I also did some work in the SugarCRM area, but I have to hold onto that for a few more weeks before I can share more of it.

And with that... I'm out for the night. Peace.