So, I'm building a simple data viewer for a client. It uses a set of filter fields on top. A grid in the middle. At the bottom is a simple form that gets populated when a user clicks on a grid item.

So - this is pretty cool. I love how it looks and how it reduces the amount of clicks the user has to do.

While building it, however, I ran into an issue. CFGRIDCOLUMN supports a currency type. It will correctly sort the values. However, for me, the values were not sorting. The data was coming from MySQL and I noticed that a few rows had slightly wierd values. There were still numerical, but looked like so: 10.01000000233. That should still work of course. I reported the issue to Macromedia. In the mean time, I used this as a fix:

<cfquery dbtype="query" name="getDonations">
select    *, cast(amount as VARCHAR) as newamount
from   getDonations