BlogCFC Update

This post is more than 2 years old.

A small update, but with one important fix. Here are the changes:

  • /client/index.cfm: Two fixes to allow title to work right on single entry pages
  • /client/editor.cfm: fix with <more/> issue. You are no longer allowed to have <more/> in the beginning.
  • /org/camden/blog/blog.cfc: Two case issues with mysql
  • /client/stats.cfm: ditto above

Thanks to Steven Erat for pointing out some of those bugs, and helping me get my local CF server running again after I switched to JRun. (I must never do that again. -shudder-) Also thanks to Jacob Munson for a few finds as well.

As always, you can download BlogCFC from the project page. I did not update the version number. I'll probably wait until a new feature is added before changing the version.

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