First off - thanks to a user for pointing out a IE bug. I didn't really "fix it" per se - but the bug involved a long entry title with no spaces in it (well, only a space towards the end). So I just edited the entry.

Of course - I had to spend 2 hours trying to fix a bug that didn't let me edit any content on my blog. It wasn't a bug in other instances of my blog, just my live blog. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out what was going wrong.

Then I found it - my blog uses a JavaScript function (that you won't see - it is hidden if you aren't authenticated) to launch a new window for editing content. It kept giving me an "undefined" error in the window text. I then realized that SimpleContentEditor uses a JavaScript function with the exact same name! So, I changed my blog JS function - although it would have been easier to just change the SCE tag.

Either way - a warning for folks out there who may be using both.