Just a quick blog entry to play with embedding a Photoshop Express album. What do folks think? FYI, I chose a fancy 3d album effect. You have multiple options for how the albums are presented.

The direct link is: https://jedimaster.photoshop.com/?wf=share&galleryid=3ca6fdf82b5c4bc9905ff3dd5f546277&trackingid=BTAGC

Note though that in Firefox 3 I was prevented from seeing the album due to a certificate error. Safari gave me a warning at least and I was able to get past it.

So far the service is nice. It's a bit slow - but I'm sure the load today is pretty heavy.

I just did a quick preview of the blog entry. I'm surprised the embed is just a simple picture. I'm assuming it's the first one in my album. I would have thought they would use a Flash viewer like Share has - or perhaps wrap the image in some kind of chrome so it was obvious what service is was using.