Why don't bookmarks display in Adobe Reader 8?

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So - I think I may be a bit slow. For some reason I find the newest Adobe Reader really hard to use. I just spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out why on my Mac I could see bookmarks for a PDF but not on a PC. I kept clicking the Bookmarks icon but nothing happened.

Turns out I was in "Reading Mode". I'm not quite sure what that means (aren't we always reading?), but turning off reading mode made the bookmarks show up again. (Which was critical - this was a 1600 page document.)

Anyway - just blogging this so I don't forget. In general the new reader looks sexy enough - but I'm finding myself being tripped up by some of the UI. A few days ago I turned off the headers and had a heck of a time getting them back.

While I'm complaining - I do like two things which I think are new. In the preferences you can set the Hand tool to select text. It always bugged me that the default cursor action was to move pages. I tend to use the scroll bar and want the cursor just for selecting.

Another thing that really bugged me was links. It would drive me crazy trying to select a link since the PDF would try to launch the URL. I'd end up having to select a bit more text and trim it after I paste. Another option in the preferences is "Create links from URLs". I've switched mine off.

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