TeraTech just blogged about my new session at CFUNITED. I want to clarify the subject matter a bit. My first session is a generic "ColdFusion 8 and Ajax" session. This is heavy on the UI side. It is very difficult to fit this into an hour. When I found that I could take over another hour (after lunch, everyone be sure to eat a lot!) I thought it was an excellent way to cover the stuff I couldn't cover in the first part.

I don't necessarily think it's a "Part 2" - you certainly don't have to attend the first block. But my goal is to try to focus on some of the nitty gritty stuff that I can't cover in the main hour. Stuff like debugging, returnformat, and certainly some Spry and maybe even a tiny bit of ColdFusion and jQuery.

Hopefully that's just confusing enough to make sense.