So, as we know, ever since Nipple-Gate, the FCC has been in a tizzy about decency and TV. So much so that it's asked the cable industry to come up with "Family Friendly" channel tiers.

Apparently it's not enough that the cable companies provide a way to block whole channels and shows. Apparently the V-Chip isn't enough. Apparently even simple parental responsibility is not enough. Oh no. We need to also ensure that the consumer gets his sports as well. From the article:

Cable companies said in recent months they would offer G-rated packages of programming after FCC Chairman Kevin Martin said last fall that he wanted the cable industry to do more to address parental concerns about raunchy shows.

The companies had hoped that the "family tiers" would address those concerns, but Martin said Tuesday he sees problems with the practicality of those offerings, particularly since they don't generally include sports programming.

So let me get this straight. The FCC feels that Americans, who are apparently too lazy to turn the tv off, want the cable company to help protect them from a product they voluntarily purchase, but they aren't so worried as to actually use the product if they can't watch sports?

Shouldn't this be a sign? If the American public can't be bothered to monitor their children's watching, nor be willing to give up sports, maybe they really aren't as concerned as the FCC thinks they are? I mean, I have to laugh every time I see the commercial for the V-Chip. Wasn't the V-Chip something that every parent wanted? Why does FOX need to advertise it? Aren't all parents using it each and every day because they are so concerned about it?

Maybe I'm crazy, but when my kids had a tv in their room (they don't know), I went through the trouble to remove the channels I didn't want them to see. It was a pain in the butt, but I did it. I understand that some parents may not have the time nor the technical skills to do so. Throw your TV away and read more and maybe you will get the technical skills you need. Don't ruin my cable offerings because of your inability to handle your own family's television.