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So this is interesting. Harp is my "go to" static site generator when presenting on the topic and building new static sites. (I also really dig Jekyll and I go back and forth between which I like best.) The Harp team is now testing a new desktop application called Harp GUI. You can find the GitHub repo here: https://github.com/alexgleason/harp-gui. Right now there's only builds for Linux but you can generate builds for OSX and Windows. What does it do exactly?

After opening it, you get a simple screen:


Given you have a Harp project already (and remember, technically, any folder can be a Harp project), you can then drag it onto the app to activate it:


At this point, you can click to view the site in your browser or click to compile it. In case you're curious, compiling it will create a subdirectory called _build in your project:


So... not a lot to it yet, but one of the things that hinder the use of SSGs in general is that they really aren't terribly user friendly for non-technical folks. (I wrote an article about this topic for Telerik: Merging Dynamic and Static Sites) Initiatives like this could go a long way to making it easier for normal people (yes, I called non-devs 'normal'). What do my readers think - can this help increase usage of SSGs?

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Comment 1 by Danny Hope posted on 11/25/2015 at 7:51 AM

Look’s good, I’d like to give it a go when it runs on OS X.