After much too much time, I'm happy to announce the release of BlogCFC 4.0. With this release come numerous new features since the last official release. A short list of updates includes trackback support, search stats, layout improvements, bug fixes, etc. Also I'm happy to announce the launch of the BlogCFC project page. This is the page to go to download the latest bits.

BlogCFC is now in use at close to 100 blogs - something I never imagined when I first starting working on this project. I'm happy it has been so useful to folks, and I hope this new version exceeds my user's expectations. Of course, as with most of my releases, you can probably expect a .01 release shortly. ;)

So - this time, instead of shamelessly pointing people to my wishlist (hey - don't stop on my account of course!), I'll point folks who want to show their appreciation to yet another "Free Ipod Nano" site. (Which does work - as I got an Ipod last year. Which might make you wonder why I'm asking for a Nano - but why ask why?)