I've got a preview of Soundings 2 available for folks who want to test. This release just adds one feature - multiple questions per page. You can't set the number of questions per survey - it is a global Application setting. It only works for true/false and yes/no questions. If you use any other type of question, it will not work. I'm looking for:

  • Confirmation that the pagination works
  • Some feedback on the UI in regards to how errors are displayed. Right now you get a bold message above the question, but I'd like to see if this could be improved
  • Actually, I'd like suggestions, or just the cleaned up HTML, for ways to make the questions look a bit better now that they are on the same page

What else will ship in 2.0? You will be able to set the number of questions per survey, with the application setting being the default. Bug fixes for surveys with deleted questions. And a real good idea for my biggest Soundings tester - you will have the option to remove questions from reports. This means if your 10 question report has 3 questions about personal info, you can remove this from the report and focus on the questions that are important.

Anyway, the zip is attached to this entry.

For folks who may not know what Soundings is - it is a simple ColdFusion based survey application. Like SurveyMonkey, just cooler because. Um. Because it's ColdFusion. There ya go.

Download attached file.