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Ok, so I know most of my readers are probably saying to themselves, "What HTML5 preso?". Last night I presented to my local Adobe User Group on HTML5. This was a brand new topic for me and one I hope I did a decent enough job on. I mean, it's not like HTML5 is confusing or anything. Any way, for the folks at the meeting last night I promised I'd post the slides and code. For everyone else, if there is interest in me giving this online, leave me a comment. I'll either suggest it to Charlie for the online meetup or just throw open a Connect room this week. To be honest, I'd rather not do it on Charlie's Online Meetup because I'm worried it is a bit too rough still. Then again I tend to be pretty hypercritical about my presenting so I may just need to shut the frak up and get over it. ;)

Download attached file.

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