So, I'm about to ready to take a hammer to my HP OfficeJet 600. For all of the following:

  1. After printing 2 or 3 times, you start getting smudges. Not horrible smudges, but you NEVER get a perfect print out. The official docs at HP has like a 10 step process involving water and coffee filters.

Yes, coffee filters.

I've never heard of a printer needing coffee filters to clean itself.

  1. My color catridge was low on ink. On startup, the printer DEMANDS that you insert a new cartridge. You can't say no. You can't say don't worry about it. You can't say, "Hey, all I plan on doing is a bunch of simple text pages with no pictures, it's ok that it's not in color." No, you have to physically remove the cartridge and place it back in.

  2. And then trick #2 stops working. Now I can't print. Period. Even though I have plenty of black ink, I can't print.

So... can someone recommend a good fax capable printer?