A few pre-cfObjective project updates. Nothing critical.

LighthousePro was updated with some fixes by Ron Stewart. I had forgot to change a few Loci strings to Area. He also added the public ID to the Excel exports which is nice. (The public ID is a simple number for bugs. I use UUIDs for primary keys.)

Galleon had a small CSS update, thanks to a user on my forums (imagine that), and thanks go to Jonas Eriksson for noticing that an email fix I did earlier in the week only applied to the emails sent to Admins, not Subscribers.

YouTubeCFC, which I will remind folks now supports the Google API which includes the ability to upload videos, was updated with a few new functions. This includes getVideo and getEmbedCode. I also did some cleanup of the XML processing.

As a reminder - since I am going to be out of the office until Monday, you are not allowed to find bugs in any of my code. My code is perfect. It will not fail. It is pure as the morning dew. Etc.

p.s. If you have read this far, congrats. Tomorrow I may, stress may have an exciting announcement to make.