Lost has returned, and so has my Lost reviews (even though I'm on vacation). I was lucky enough to be able to do my presentation and get back in time to watch the premier.

The episode began with what appears to be a nice suburban setting. A women who is obviously unhappy in general is leading a book club. All of a sudden there is an earthquake and she runs out, along with other people along the street.

We see Henry from the Others, and the original Other we met (forgot his name), and then we see the plane with the original cast aways breaking. I thought I saw something odd about the plane, but it was hard to tell.

So a lot right away: The Others have a very nice, suburban style neighborhood. The Others were not expecting the plane crash, but seemed unsurprised by it. Henry said it was a "good" one. We know Dharma used the island due to it's "special" properties, so maybe this is just what it does - draws things to it.

The rest of episode shows the prisons for Jack, Sawyer, and Kate. Jack is a glassed in cell that is underwater. A location known as the Hydra. Sawyer is in a prison outside. Did anyone catch the Dharma logo there? It looked like it could be a Hydra. Anyway, the scenes with Sawyer were a bit to short. As for Kate, well, she had a dinner with Henry, and he just warned her that the next two weeks would be difficult.

So I'm leaving out some of the details - but I'm tired and it's my vacation, so this one will be short. I'm very happy that this season is focusing on the Others as I absolutely love them, especially Ben (Henry's real name as we find out by the end of the episode). The back story this time was a bit weak. I don't know why but I just didn't care for it a lot. Ok - that's it. As a general reminder for my readers, I'm on vacation all this week so won't be back to regular postings till next Monday.