I mentioned before that I was putting a stop to posting ColdFusion positions (or jobs in general) but I'm making an exception for Intergral. These are some great folks and they make some really good products. Definitely read this if you are looking for a position.

Intergral, makers of FusionReactor (http://www.fusion-reactor.com) are looking for a technical support engineer to join us in our German office and help us to continue to deliver excellent service in supporting our growing global customer base for our Fusion Application Performance Monitoring products. You should be a knowledgeable, tech savvy, resourceful individual with excellent written and spoken English skills. You'll need a working knowledge of Windows and Linux operating systems as well as a strong understanding of ColdFusion, Java and web technologies.

Germany is a great place to live & work and working at Intergral is a fun and creative place to be. You'll be together with a talented group of individuals who have a passion for building outstanding software products. Speaking German is not necessary to work at Intergral – as we speak English in the office and our customer base is mainly in North America. Helps if you're a beer drinker though, Germany has some of the best beers in the world J - Our office is very close to Stuttgart and we are located close to France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy – so it's great location if you want to travel around Europe.

Full job posting can be found here - http://www.intergral.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Support-Engineer-June-2013.pdf