So my Altec Lansing THX speakers which lasted 10 years seem to be dead. The LCD is blinking and the power button refuses to turn the speakers off. And of course - no sound is coming out. I've double checked the connections, rebooted, and unplugged/replugged in the speaker/subwoofer, but I think they have gone off to the speaker graveyard in the sky. 10 years is pretty good so I'm not too disappointed, but I'm going crazy without hearing my tunes.

Can someone recommend a brand name I can pick up at my local Best Buy/Circuit City? My old set were fully surround sound with a subwoofer, even THX certified, but to be honest, I really don't need anything high end. Just something nice and simple.

p.s. And before someone recommends me opening up the old speakers - please remember I'm a hardware wuss. ;)