Ask a Jedi: ColdFusion Hosts

Karen asks,

Hi Ray, Looking for a hosting for a new website that will be done in ColdFusion. You know any?

So - this question is a rather simple one to answer. About as simple as 'Do you support the War on Terror' or 'Are you pro-choice or pro-life.' I'm sure this one post will result in about ten million comments or so. That being said, I will answer with that I think is the right answer. My company (Mindseye, and yes I know it's down at the moment) as well as I use graciously provides the box that runs this blog, CFLib, and the CFCDev list, and other resources free of charge. I can say I've seen cheaper hosting companies out there, but I like the turnaround time I've seen with them and I know my coworkers are happy with them as well.

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