Happy Sunday, readers! Here's a few links for you:

First up, Eleventy has officially hit version 1.0.1. Want a good description of what's changed? Zach Leatherman gave a good overview in the video below. Note that he helpfully shared with me the starting time for the 1.0.1 description and the embed below starts there, but you may want to watch the whole video as well.

Speaking of Eleventy, I was on a panel in their last meetup. The panel focused on migrating to Eleventy and had some great insights (even from me). This link here will take you to event page and note that you can also get an excellent "state of Eleventy" presentation from Zach:

Ep. 8: State of Eleventy and Panel on Transitioning to 11ty

Next up is a cool update from Nuxt. I haven't used Nuxt in quite some time, but this video got me really interested in giving it another look.

The video is a bit over the top at times, but try to ignore that and focus on the improvements coming to Nuxt 3. Thank you to Nick Medrano for letting me know!

That's all for now - have a great rest of the week!