Plants: 1, Raymond: 0, and more musings on Dell Hell...

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So this weekend my wife decided it would be a good time to start attacking the front yard. We've been in our house for about 3 years now, and it's a wonderful house, but the previous occupants let the back and front yard go. When I say "let them go", think jungle. The back yard has been "repaired" for about a year now, but the front yard still has a big area that was at one time landscaped, and now looks like some kind of giant boil. We attacked about half of it this weekend. Of course, it fought back. I ran into some poison ivy, which has made both of my arms and legs look like I'm a plague victim. Plus some got above my eye, which is now nice and swollen, so I look like I got into a fight as well. (Which I did, and I lost.)

So hey, here is another question for you guys. When I spoke to tech support about my laptop battery, I was told to wait for a call back and then call customer service to return the battery if it still acted up. That was last week. As of today, 8 days after Katrina, I still can't make phone calls. This is both my cell and my land line. I'm past the 30 days I was told I'd have to ask for an exchange. Who here wants to take a bet on Dell being understanding that I've not been able to contact them? It gets better though. The tech support guy had said I had 30 days. The Dell web site I only had 21. Whoever wins, I know I'm going to lose.

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