Second beta of Railo 3 out

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Just read this on the Railo 3 listserv. The second beta is out. A few new features were added, including the shorthand array/struct support CF8 has and cfdocument/cfpdf support. One really interesting update is the ability to specify where unscoped variables go in a UDF. Consider this example:

<cfscript> function doit(y) { x = 2; return x*y; } </cfscript>

<cfoutput>#doit(5)#</cfoutput> <cfdump var="#variables#">

As you can see, I have an unscoped X variable. When I dump the Variables scope, I see doit and X. However, I can now jump into the Railo Admin...

when I change the setting to "Always" as you see in the screen shot, now the x variable is automatically placed in the var scope instead.

You can grab the latest build (for all OSes) here.

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