I hinted around at it the last few days, but this morning I made it official. I've joined Broadchoice as the VP of Software Development. I've been working with them for a while now, and frankly, I've developed quite the geek crush on the company, both it's product and the developers. As you know, Sean Corfield joined a few months ago, and it is an honor to work with him (and the many other extremely talented folks there).

I've been solo for over a year now and I've enjoyed the freedom and the variety. But I just couldn't resist this offer. The more I worked on the product (see the site for more info) the more I wanted to work with Broadchoice in a fuller capacity, and now I have the privilege of doing so.

So - that's it. My big announcement. I'm pretty darn happy (ok, I'm giddy) and I hope folks understand why I made this move. If anyone has any questions about this, just let me know. Obviously I'm not going to stop blogging anytime soon (blog addiction - it's not a problem, it's a way of life) and I'll still be working on my open source projects. (Actually, my recent youtubecfc update was directly related to work I did for Broadchoice.)