So, I want to write about the Flex session ran by Ely Greenfield. Unfortunately, three guys behind me decided to talk throughout the entire presentation.

What makes this more upsetting is that one of the guys talking was a Macromedia person (no one I knew, but Ely asked me a question or two). I did the "Look backwards and frown slightly" thing, but it didn't seem to work. Thanks a lot guys. You know, I understand the whole, turn to your neighbor and say 'how cool' thing, or the, turn to your neighbor and ask 'but what if...' but to run a conversation throughout the entire session is just stupid.

Outside of that - Ely's presentation was a good one, and a nice general into to Flex 2. One of the core themes was - We (Macromedia) saw you (the developer) doing A, B, C just to do one simple task and we did our best to get it down to just A. That is exactly how I want a software company to respond.