Ask a Jedi: Installing ColdFusion on OSX

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John asks:

I hope that you do not mind me asking this. When I installed CFMX 7 on windows, it was very,very easy. However, I am getting a Mac powerbook,and I read about installing CFMX 7 for the mac requires JRun,and J2EE. I feel so overwhelmed about this, and I was wondering if you could inform me if I should be scared? IS this something that a newcommer should consider hiring somebody for?

It is possible to get CF running on a Mac. However, if you can wait, the newest update to CF, code named Merrimac, has a native OSX installer. (Which rocks by the way.) Sean Corfield has a teaser of this, which shows both CF running on his Mac and the installer. I'm just now getting into the Mac myself, so I think this is wonderful news.

Just don't ask me when Merrimac will be released. :)

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