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So, a year or so ago I did the free IPod thing, and it actually worked, thanks to the great support of my readers. Since my greed knows no bounds, I've signed up for the free IPod Nano thing as well. To be honest, it wasn't my intent. A friend asked me to do an offer for him, which of course meant that I was signed up as well. So, if you are bored and want to help me get a Nano (of course you do!), just follow this link and complete an offer...

I'd recommend the Rhapsody offer. It costs a buck, but so far, I'm enjoying it. The speed of the network is very nice. The "worst" delay I've seen in a song coming down is about 5 seconds. I especially like the artist radio feature. You view an artist, like Lush, which is far from mainstream and I was happy to see them available, and it will play songs by artists like Lush. It's a cool way to learn about some new bands in your favorite genres.

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