Just blogging this as I had trouble Googling for a solution when it hit me. I've been doing ObjectiveC work lately for the CreativeSDK project and I kept running into an odd problem. I'd set up a simple project, do some work on it, and when I returned the next day, any use of the CreativeSDK would fail. If I removed the frameworks and bundles from my project and re-added them, it worked again. The first time (OK, the first few times) this happened, I just assumed I made a mistake when adding it, but when it happened consistently, I figured something was up.

I turned to Stack Overflow where user Anthony suggested I look at the framework search property in my XCode project. When I did, I noticed something odd:

See the 3rd and 4th line item? That's actually one path: /Users/ray/Dropbox/Work Projects/CreativeSDK/frameworks. Apparently XCode had an issue with the space in the folder name. Because... I don't know. I mean - I've got a lot of respect for XCode now, especially after my ObjectiveC training, but come on, this is 2014 and it boggles my mind that I still run into programs that barf on spaces in folders. (Cordova did for quite some time as well.)

Anyway... yeah... don't do that.