I've updated TimeTracker again. This version includes the code fixes by Sid Wing (thanks!) which was part cleanup and a fix to the mx:Legend. I agree with Sid's comment that the docs could certainly be clearer.

I also removed the 'Enter key submits hours' thing so folks could enter multiline task descriptions. This is where I ran into an issue with the Flex DataGrid. It refused to correctly render the text in a readable format. Thanks to Scott Stroz for pointing out the variableRowHeight attribute for Flex DataGrids.

<mx:DataGrid id="todayshours" dataProvider="{todaysHoursData}" width="100%" height="100%" sortableColumns="true" variableRowHeight="true">

Oh my sweet little adorable Flex DataGrid, is there anything you cannot do?

I also added word wrap to the description columns as well as sorting. (Although I bet date sorting isn't quite right.)

Next up is the CSV export. After that is done I plan on releasing the code to RIAForge since there seems to be some interest.

Download attached file.