What follows is a slightly spoiler-ish comment on the finale of Six Feet Under. I have to say the final "montage" was one of the most powerful things I've seen done on TV. I've blogged about various TV shows in the past. If you look carefully you can find some darn good shows in the mounds of crap out there. (Specifically Dr. Who, Battlestar Galactica, Lost, and most of the dramas on HBO.)

If you had told me - and this is where the spoiler part comes in - so be warned - that the ending would show all the major characters dieing off one by one - I would have been worried. However it turned out to be extremely uplifting and just plain wonderful. For a show that revolved around death the ending was all about life... or least that's my impression.

Oh - and if you are curious about the song played at the end (as I was), the artist is Sia and the song is "Breathe Me."

Another comment - as I said above - there is good TV to be found amongst the crap. What I find interesting is how much good drama/comedy is being produced not by the networks, but by cable channels like HBO and SciFi. I can't believe it's just the fact that they can cuss. I don't believe the language, or sex, or violence, make Six Feet Under and other shows so good - it's just good story telling.