We had a drop down in submissions for this week on the ColdFusion Biggest Loser. In week one we had 42 submissions. This week we had around 20. Which is fine - and people can send me their (now late ;) weigh ins for Monday when they can. Of the 20 who sent in, the biggest loser in both raw pounds and percentage was Chris Peterson. He lost 11 pounds, or 4.42%. Congrats! Here are the overall stats:

Week 1 weight total: 10,453
Week 1 weight average: 248.88
Week 1 lowest: 150
Week 1 highest: 408

Week 2 weight total: 5,349
Week 2 weight average: 243.11
Week 2 lowest: 180
Week 2 highest: 397
Biggest Loser (Pounds): Chris Peterson (11 lbs)
Biggest Loser (%): Chris Peterson ( 4.42 %)
Total Weight Lost: 67.5

Nice to see almost 70 pounds dropped over all. Personally, I only lost 2 pounds, but I'm kicking up my exercise even more this week so I'm sure it will increase a bit. (And yes, I did use ColdFusion to generate those stats. ;)