Thanks to everyone who sent me the note about CFCDev going crazy. This happens once every few months when I slip and let the hard drive fill up. ColdFusion's "coldfusion-out.log" file is not rolled over like other CF logs, and unfortunately, it tends to grow huge pretty quickly. I really, really hope Adobe fixes this in 8. Anyway, the file got too big, and MailEnable, my mail server, really doesn't like it. In fact, it tends to go ape-you know what when the drive gets too low.

So - I got in - nuke the SMTP queue - and things normally return to normal. I'm going to reinstall ColdFusion on the D drive, but I'm still going to need a solution. I think I'm going to try this one.

My good buddy Jim sent me a nice Lost related link:

A few interesting things here, and technically they are spoilers, but I wouldn't worry too much. The coolest thing is that the "Foot" will return and the implication is that the island is a lot older than we think.