I want to send a quick shout out to Todd Sharp. He wrote up a quick AJAX-y admin for ColdFusionBloggers.org, making it much easier to add blogs to the system. I should be caught up with the requests by end of day.

In a day or so I'll also be posting an update to the main processor. Right now I suck down all 300+ feeds at once. This update makes use of CFHTTP and etag/lastmodified headers to only grab feeds that have been updated. This should both reduce the amount of bandwidth the site uses, and mean less work for poor old CFFEED.

I have a blog entry describing what I did planned for later today, although I may push that out as I've got a few surprises for later on.

Oh - and yes - I do plan on adding ping very soon. I've got it down to one file (in my head), I just need to write it out.