I didn't. I really wish there was some type of service (perhaps using a web application - anyone know how to build those?) where I could ask Adobe to email on each and every ColdFusion update. I definitely get that some hot fixes are not for everyone. Adobe recommends you only get a hot fix typically if it applies to an issue you are having, but this weeks release was a cumulative hot fix - something most folks probably want to install. You can find it here:

ColdFusion 8.0.1 cumulative hot fix 1

Anyway - if there is a service like I described somewhere up on Adobe.com - someone let me know. Thanks go to Todd Sharp for blogging on this earlier.

By the way - there is an RSS feed: http://rss.adobe.com/www/support/recent/recent_cf.xml - I use it ColdFusionPortal.org - but this hot fix isn't even listed there yet. The cumulative hot fix is listed under the total list of hot fixes, but I'm surprised there isn't an entry in the RSS feed just for this new release.