This is where your hot sauce comes from...

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This week the Camdens decided to take a little field trip down to Avery Island, also known as the place where Tabasco is made. (By the way - do note they are a ColdFusion site!) While there, we did the factory tour, which is really just a long commercial, but pretty darn interesting none the less. I had no idea they used old whiskey barrels to help prepare the peppers.

Anyway, on the island itself (more information here) you can visit a nice little natural park named Jungle Gardens. It's part 'drive through' part 'walk through' botanical gardens. My eldest son, who got a digital camera for Christmas this year took quite a few pictures.

I helped him offload his pictures to iPhoto yesterday, and in doing so discovered that he took some freaking amazing pictures. I don't know if I have a prodigy on my hands here but I was pretty darn impressed. Here are two shots I thought were particularly nice.

BridgeDark Water

Should I be worried my kid can take better pictures than I can? Of course, his camera has a higher megapixel rating than mine, so, um, yeah, that's my excuse!

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Comment 1 by Lola LB posted on 1/3/2009 at 2:28 AM

He's got a good eye. Encourage him to keep it up. And maybe if he's still interested in photography, maybe a photo class during the summer?

Comment 2 by Andy Sandefer posted on 1/3/2009 at 3:44 AM

I really like the shot of what looks to be a stone bridge over water.