At lunch I released a small update to CFLib - author pages. Now when you view any UDF you can click on the author's name to see all their UDFs. Here's my list and here's the list for James Moberg. James is the one who recommended this feature so credit him for the idea.

I realized today that - I believe - CFLib is my oldest running ColdFusion site. (The Death Clock is older but I don't own that anymore.) I checked the Wayback Machine and found this snapshot from July 22, 2001.

Even that isn't the real first version. ColdFusion 5 was released April 30, 2001, and I swear I remember launching CFLib while it was in beta, but at minimum, it has been around now for over 10 years. Be sure to check the about link from the Wayback Machine archive. I was the Principal Compliance Engineer for Spectra and worked for Macromedia at the time.