Before I fall asleep, here are my random, disjointed thoughts from the second day of MAX.

  • The keynote... wow. So - from what I can tell on Twitter you either hated it or loved it. Personally I thought it was damn funny. Was every skit funny? Nope. But overall it was pretty hilarious. Everything but the Omniture bit. This is the second year in the row the Omniture folks have just plain bombed on stage. I'm sure the technology itself is ok, but please, keep them off stage next time. If you liked the videos, you can see them on the YouTube channel here. I especially like this one. On a serious note - it was nice to see Adobe address Flash versus HTML and put some things into perspective. We can use both. There doesn't need to be some kind of religious war between them.
  • The Unconference continues to be a bit hit - and again - it is thanks to our speakers. Many sessions were standing room only again and it's great to see such a big turnout. Please be sure to read my earlier note about the schedule change. There will be a rafle early in the morning and one again at the end of the day. Our first session is 8AM tomorrow morning.
  • The sneaks were good this year, but not quite as awe inspiring as last year with the content aware fill. For ColdFusion they showed off device detection (ie, easy ways to tell what the current capabilities of the current browser were), updates to cfmap for geolocation, and cfform that auto skinned for mobile. The Flash to HTML5 demo was pretty impressive too. They showed exporting a Flash animation into pure HTML5. Of course, having Shatner as a host made it even better. I know folks think I'm just a Star Wars nerd but I'm a pretty big fan of Star Trek too.

And of course, a personal favorite moment of mine was being able to meet Kevin Lynch in person. Unfortunately, I think I forgot to actually tell him who I was...