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The more I play with Spry, the more I like it. I'd like to show you one more demo...

I've added two cool things here. First is the alt-table row colors. This is done by Spry's support for conditionals. Here is the code behind it:

<tbody spry:repeat="dsEntries"> <tr spry:if="({ds_RowNumber} % 2) == 0" class="even" onclick="dsEntries.setCurrentRow('{ds_RowID}');" > <td>{TITLE}</td> <td>{POSTED}</td> <td>{COMMENTCOUNT} </td> </tr> <tr spry:if="({ds_RowNumber} % 2) != 0" class="odd" onclick="dsEntries.setCurrentRow('{ds_RowID}');" > <td>{TITLE}</td> <td>{POSTED}</td> <td>{COMMENTCOUNT} </td> </tr> </tbody>

Notice the spry:if check. This handles checking the current row number and using a different CSS class for each row. Nice and simple. The only thing I wasn't sure about was how to use it. The last version applied the spry:repeat to the TR tag. Since I needed the condition in the TR, I wasn't sure how they would mix. One of the Spry demos showed the technique above though and it worked like a charm.

In the zip you can download from Adobe, they have a few additional examples not demonstrated on the Labs site. One is pagination. View source on the demo to see the JavaScript behind it. Just to be clear - I didn't write this. I simply cut and pasted from the example in the zip, but I'm again impressed with how simple this is. Note the use of the filter function in the xml call:

var dsEntries = new Spry.Data.XMLDataSet("blogspry.cfc?method=getentries&category={dsCategories::CATEGORYID}", "entries/entry", { filterFunc: MyPagingFunc });

You can obviously filter by other methods as well. Anyway, check it out, view source, and enjoy. I didn't update the zip, but the only change to the CFC was that I upped the max number of results to 100 so that paging would actually work.

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