CFBL Update - Week 4 - The "Show me your numbers" Mardi Gras Edition

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Sorry for the delay in posting this, and thanks to everyone who resent their numbers. We still have a bit over 20 people participating, so thank you to everyone who is still working at it!

Here are the stats so far:

Week 1 weight total: 11,559
Week 1 weight average: 245.94
Week 1 lowest: 150
Week 1 highest: 408

Week 2 weight total: 8,730
Week 2 weight average: 242.49
Week 2 lowest: 180
Week 2 highest: 397
Biggest Loser (Pounds): Ryan Nowak (12 lbs)
Biggest Loser (%): Chris Peterson ( 4.42 %)
Total Weight Lost: 98.5

Week 3 weight total: 6,904
Week 3 weight average: 238.07
Week 3 lowest: 180
Week 3 highest: 390
Biggest Loser (Pounds): Chad Gray (8 lbs)
Biggest Loser (%): Chad Gray ( 3.86 %)
Total Weight Lost: 51.5

Week 4 weight total: 4,858
Week 4 weight average: 231.33
Week 4 lowest: 180
Week 4 highest: 387
Biggest Loser (Pounds): Joel Stobart (10 lbs)
Biggest Loser (%): Joel Stobart ( 5.10 %)
Total Weight Lost: 52

Congrats to Joel for the big loss! My own stats are so so. On Monday I was down to 222, which is awesome, but when I checked yesterday I was back up to 225. But as long as I can get back to 222 for Monday, I'll be happy. I'm now wearing size 36 jeans. Considering I was pushing the edge of 38 for a while, it is a very nice feeling. Best of all - they actually fit.

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