I have to say - I love "abusing" my own blog for technical support. I get the best help here so I hope folks don't mind me doing it again. Yesterday my MacBook Pro started having issues connecting to my wireless network. It couldn't connect to the signal at all. My wife's MacBook though had no trouble. This has happened before - and typically a reboot and a power cycle of the router does the trick. This time though it didn't work. My MBP hasn't been able to connect for 24 hours. I tried removing the wireless security - no go. My wife's machine is still connected - but what is odd is that about every ten minutes or so the signal gets real weak. (The router is about 10 feet away, no walls in between, etc.)

So - this sounds like the hardware is just about to die. Right? Should I just pick up a new one today? Have I said before how much I hate networking?